16 March 2010

that 70s glow

green jammie man
Green jammie man

jacky & mama
Jacky & mama

a boy and his remote
A boy and his remote

wakey face
Wakey face

that 70s glow
That 70s glow

uncle max, blake & jack
Uncle Max, Blake/mama & Jacky man

Whoa, cool man

So, we've been having fun with a couple of new camera set-ups, both with vintage appeal. Being children of that decade, we love that 1970s backyard summertime photo look -- and these are just so groovy.

First, Toby bought a polaroid back for his Lomo. If you're a Lomo lover, the instant back is sooo worth it. It brings all the Lomo quirkiness, plus the added layer of polaroid color and softness.

Second -- and I'm totally late to the party on this one -- I'm dying over the coolness that is the Hipstamatic pack for the iPhone. So fun! So cool. Without it, iPhone photos are pretty crappy. With it, they are AMAZING. Dreamy vintage looks, with lots of "lens," "film" and "flash" options.

Either way, it's a good excuse for some cute kiddo photos, huh?

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