23 March 2010

12 things I love right now

March 2010
Some of my current inspirations, cravings and delights. 


(top to bottom, left to right)


Eureka Lemon tree -- I recently spotted this in Sunset magazine. A striped exterior and pink flesh. Cute! Pink Bauer Pottery doesn't hurt either.

Sweet-Wrap Shoes from Anthropologie -- I am on a little shoe-buying bender right now. It's kind of how I shop: big, long dry spells followed by a burst of spending. These are a little pricey, but have that vintage, lady-like-but-cool look. Hard to resist.

Barquentine Wrap Skirt from Etsy seller Makool -- Maybe it's the photo with the bike, maybe it's the hemp & organic cotton fabric or the big flouncy bow, but this skirt has been on my mind for a while.

Vertical gardens -- This past Sunday, Kristen and I attended a vert-garden workshop at Flora Grubb Gardens, ground zero for vertical gardens. I've already purchased two of the panels needed (which I was lusting after previously), so I should just get started already huh?

Aloes -- Everywhere you look around here, there are flower spikes reaching up to the sky, getting ready to put on a beautiful show. I'm really considering using some aloes in Project Outdoor Room.

Hi-Flax Spelt Bread from Grindstone Bakery -- This is the most delicious, healthy, hearty bread ever. Jacky and I eat this every morning with breakfast. You get a TON of healthy flax meal in each slice, and the bonus is that it tastes so incredibly, insanely good. We eat it very well toasted with a smear of goat cheese, lots of mashed avocado, plus salt/pepper.

Scandinavian homewares -- Cozy, felty and stylish. One of my favorite blogs, Chez Larsson is written by Benita, the Swedish organizing maven. She recently shared a link to Swedishness, where I can indulge my cravings for Scandi cool.

Coffee! -- Since giving birth, my caffeine intake has gone from almost none to... lots. Lately, it's steadily ratcheted up and up. People, I am kookoo for the stuff right now. Just love the taste (and the, ah, perks).

Hipstamatic for the iPhone -- As I've mentioned before, this app is so fun. Gives the crappy iPhone camera a reason for being. A sexy, nostalgic, vintage-looking reason.

Castelfranco Radicchio -- An interesting, striking but delicate-tasting version of the usual burgundy variety. I've been using it in salads, but it would also be great wilted with ribbony pasta. If you see it at the market, try it.

Solar outdoor lights -- Found these at IKEA. Most options out there are cottage- or Tuscan-style, which isn't my taste. These are simple and dignified-looking.

Bed head... awww :) With Jacky, each nap wake-up holds the possibility of hairstyle awesomeness.



  1. I'm so impressed you are going to start verticle planting. I attended a seminar on it last year and it's just amazing...like a living painting. Can't wait to see photos on your blog!

  2. Thanks Liane! In the seminar, I learned that you need patience. Hoo boy, lots of patience. You have to let all your plants root in for 3-6 months in a horizontal position. Only then can you "go vertical." Stay tuned :)


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