28 March 2010

sunday picnic with Jacky

picnic w/Jacky

Some rain is on the way, so today we paused for a bit, to soak up a little late March warmth. Jacky and I took a walk in the canyon, looking for doggies and rocks (what can I say, it's the simple pleasures). We ended up in the grassy field across the street from our house on our new picnic blanket, with a few snacks. Baseball games are starting up, so I guess it's officially Spring. Nice.

While Jacky fiddled with the snacks, I quickly snapped these shots, but didn't see them until tonight. So precious, I can't even find the words. He is so sweet.

Bonus is that that t-shirt was Toby's as a toddler, circa 1972.

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  1. Button nose and kissable cheeks!



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