03 March 2010

pizza recipe update!

I can see from my robot minions out there that many of you are interested in thin-crust pizza. Hey, me too!

Though I do owe you a bit of an apology, as we've recently tweaked the master dough recipe... and I kind of sat on it for a while. Woops. There were garden posts to do and such... OK, today I'll level with you.

You really must use the right flour. A different flour than what I originally said. It makes a big, huge, chewy, crusty difference.

You must use an Italian pizza flour. We managed to get our hands on some real-deal "tipo 00" flour... and it's heavenly. Makes a thin crust light, almost effervescent and deliciously flavorful.

Look for this brand: Antimo Caputo, tipo 00, which can be bought at your local fancy-food shop, Italian grocer or online.

The master recipe is now updated. Phew! Happy pizza-making!


  1. Well PooP, I just made it tonight & now there is a new flour. There is flour for everything isn't there ;)
    Okay, will have to get this flour.
    I loved my pizza tonight, My husband thought it to be good, my son hated it & picked off everything...URGHHHHH

  2. Aw, poop indeed. I'm a bad pizza evangelist! But I am thrilled to hear that someone out there is actually making pizzas... even if they get picked at. :)


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