06 April 2010

how to make Mr Jacky happy


It's really very simple:

1) Strip right down to diaper whenever possible -- look at that righteous tummy! Who wouldn't be happy with that.

2) Give him "his" broom -- For those playing at home, yep, it used to be all about the spoon. Or, maybe you recall the hammer. Pshaw, salad days silliness.

These days, this boy is--inexplicably--obsessed with brooms of all sorts. The big "no-no" ones in the kitchen and yard, the small handmade ones at Mimi and Papa's. Pictures of brooms. Illustrations of brooms in storybooks. He spies one and purrs, "brooooooooom." 

OK, OK kid. So, yesterday, Toby brought home a small, clean sweep-up set JUST for the little man. His eyes lit up like Las Vegas. "For me?!?!" they asked.

Look how proud he is. 
I melt.

1 comment:

  1. oh that tummy... now that is some good stuff! He needs to flaunt it whenever he can. I love his broom fixation. Next, you can put him to work. Earn his keep a little? xoxo


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