15 April 2010

my kinda mama gifts

I have a confession. I don't mean to offend, but... I'm not really a "mom jewelry" type of person. (At least not yet. Read on.) True, I appreciate the sentiments: unbounded love, swelling pride, the love of a little bling. I guess I just never came across any type of mommy baubles that felt like "ME" -- any little sparkly thing that spoke to who I am as a person and a mom, and all those other layers that overlap into a composite called "me." 

Until now perhaps. Gotta love Etsy.

Just putting this out there... ahem. I would be completely OK (i.e., overjoyed) to receive the sweet fingerprint necklace below for mother's day. I guess this is why it works for me: it's personal, earthy and a little abstract. It's beautiful to look at, and a little mysterious.

Since I stumbled upon this appealing bling, I kept on looking... In honor of next month's Mama's Day, here are a couple more Etsy examples of my kind of mama mementos:

Fingerprint necklace, from janewearjewelry

Silhouette portrait, from happythought -- Gosh, I love silhouettes. So classic and simple.

Personalized photo block, from photoatelier -- Photos are always a special keepsake. Combined with warm wood, totally beautiful.

Custom watercolor portrait, from laurindaillman -- I think this is just stunning. If you're not able to paint a watercolor (me, it's been since college?!), then having one done also makes an incredibly cherished keepsake. I love photography, but there's such depth and soul in painting and drawing. Sigh.


  1. I will forward this to the Mister for me too! I love that silhouette. I can see that at your house for sure. Watercolor... girl, you know what I am thinking of, right? You know you can watercolor ANYTHING!!:)

  2. The fingerprint necklace is heartbreakingly lovely.


  3. Nance -- ha! Completely :) Maybe I should open up an Etsy shop for just that type of special request!


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