20 April 2010

garden update: mid-April

Woah. Things are really booming in the kitchen garden. Everything's going nuts! And, we've been trying to keep up, gobbling up fresh salads most every day and tucking kale and chard into everything imaginable. The radishes are nearly all pulled out and the arugula has already bolted. Things happen fast once Spring really hits. And, the peas and favas are just flowering now, so the fun has just begun.

Here's what Spring looks like in my little green heaven.

kitchen garden entrance
Step inside... the favas are towering and the wee little herb seedlings are still hiding from toddler grabbiness behind chicken wire.

beautiful peas, in flower
Beautiful pea tendrils and flowers. Not too long until we're picking pretty green pods.

Peas, Laxton's Progess - in bloom
'Laxton's Progress' pea flower. To me, this looks like a little girl's pretty Spring bonnet.

Fava Bean flowers
Fava flowers! This is my first time growing favas, so I'm so excited to see these beautiful, striking blooms.

Future Fava Bean flowers/pods
More fava flowers on the way.

'Bright Lights' Chard
Beautiful 'Bright Lights' chard. Had some for dinner tonight, tucked underneath salmon, roasted in parchment.

Cavolo Nero
Cavolo nero. Love.

Good kitty
Assistant garden inspector, checking out the greens beds. 'Heaven on Earth' rose in the background, about to bloom.

so handsome
Close up inspection.

Artichoke, 'Green Globe'
...AND! Last but not least, as promised, the artichokes are GO. Last weekend, I planted two 'Green Globe' and one 'Purple of Romagna' plants. I surrounded them with seeds of sunflowers of varying sizes and colors, as they're supposed to be good companions. Fingers crossed.

Want more Spring garden porn? More photos here.


  1. wow.. dreamy and amazing! Way to go girl. Pabs is sexy as always.

  2. Looks great! We just harvested our first radishes and we're going to be eating a lot of chard in the next week! Wish I had tried some beans/peas though. Next year!

  3. Holy cow!!!! Go garden, grow! Keep us updated on the artichokes :)

  4. wow! your garden has inspired me, Blake! Stay tuned for pics of my very own co-op garden.

  5. Thanks, everyone, for your sweet comments :) We're having lots of fun out there.

    Akshata! We miss you in SF. Gardening?? Send pics for sure.


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