25 April 2010

the weekend, pictorially

- Act 1 -
A bit of cooking.

making pasta
Fresh pasta. Always yummy, but we both agreed we don't quite have the right recipe yet. Anyone have a good one to share?

kale-potato pizza
Pizza with garden kale, yukon gold potatoes, yellow onion and thyme. Starting with the fresh-picked kale, I then turned to our trusty Flavor Bible for some good suggestions for complementary ingredients. It never disappoints.

- Act 2 -

Told you, this kid is nuts-o for brooms. We spent some quality time this weekend perusing options in the Container Store catalog. We even fished this fine literature out of the recycling bin once. A committed obsession (and compliant parents).

- Act 3 -
Green gangbusters.

garden puttering
I did some serious garden puttering, one of my main talents.

A bit of relaxing, too.

beet thinnings
The beets needed a little thinning...

beet thinnings
...and eating, as well.

- Act 4 -
Finally, some quality time...

... contemplating the color blue.


  1. Those eyes... I love how he is researching his broom purchases. Smart boy.

  2. Where is that garden shown underneath the title Greengangbusters? GORGEOUS!

  3. Hey Gayla! Thanks!! That's our new veg garden... we're slowing re-do'ing the backyard of our new home, but the edible garden was job one :)

    You can't see them in this photo, but way back behind some of the greenery are 3 planter boxes we built with instrux from YGG, the book. Still going strong, now holding wee espalier apples.


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