26 March 2012


#marchphotoaday #somethingyouwore freckles & lace
lately, I...

// thought better of my usual pre-sleep reading ritual. I didn't even crack the new book I couldn't wait to start, and just enjoyed the delightfully loud sound of raindrops falling just above a cozy sleeping nook we occupied Saturday night. It was a great night of sleep.

// go with the flow re: the boy's peculiar napping requirements (hot, scratchy puppet on that hand, read that book, hold it like this, don't fold that blanket, etc etc) and relish the fact that he occasionally naps again. And, so I sometimes nap, too.

// mentally dog-eared last weekend's smart phone-free hiatus/sabbath thingy, and realized it was a natural state for me. I put that 'shiny rock' away for days, and still haven't checked in on Instagram. It feels just fine. (Oh, I'll be back!)

// fell desperately behind on emails, blog posts and all things internet-y. I feel bad about the emails (and will remedy very soon!), but not much else!

// blew off the March photo a day thing (a while ago). I'm OK with it. As a recovering victim of the "should do's" I truly relish blowing off minor (ok, super casual) commitments like this. You know, only if I feel like it.

// realized I have no idea where to plant a black currant plant waiting in the cool recesses of our garage. I think I might be running out of garden space. Yikes.

// have been absolutely stinking of chlorine lately (which I simultaneously loathe and love--dries my skin horribly, but smells like summer). Mommy and Me swimming lessons!

// parked the bread starter in the back of the fridge for a baking break, and cultured some cream for butter instead.

// figured we might as well start "doing" Easter for Jacky. Not in a religious sense, but you know... easter basket, egg dying, etc. Yes, having put it off this long, we must seem like the biggest grumps and meanies. Probably. It's not at the top of my holiday list, and maybe we resist the "should do's" to a bit of an extreme? All I know is we're not going with the nasty, branded, cello-wrapped, so-called baskets J was eyeing at Target! Good grief. I mean, Peeps may be a requirement in my book. Disney-branded crap is not.

// joined Toby for a leisurely date night... ostensibly for work purposes, but the break-down of the evening went like this: 2% work event, 8% walking to dinner hand-in-hand (flashing back to pre-kid days), 60% actual delightful dinner (dessert, works), 30% post-meal bookstore browsing. Perfect.

// have not touched, washed or looked at a diaper in 2 weeks. Diaper-free nighttime is here! Woot!


  1. How awesome is that. Unplugging... love that freedom, too! A date night... bring it on! I know you and your Peeps. They remind me of you.:) Love to you. xoxo

  2. I know just what you mean about that chlorine scent. For me, it brings back memories of going to the indoor pool at the YMCA with my dad, and hearing Kokomo playing on the radio.

    Also -- I ditched March Photo a Day waaaaay back. I was so stoked on it, but suddenly lost interest. Oh well!

  3. i love that picture. i also love internet fasts. they are the best. sometimes it's just too much.

    i almost have everything gathered to start my baking adventures and your garden is always on my mind.

    easter was one of my favorites as a kid, although i got things like garden tools and baby animals. who wouldn't love that? i didn't get much candy. plus i was one of the weird kids that would dig out black jelly beans and trade other beans with siblings for said black beans.

  4. love this post, and your freckles! The OCD 3s are so fun, aren't they? Congratulations on being done with diapers! *sigh*

  5. i'm consistently a few days late to comment lately! jeez.

    but on that note, love the computer hiatus. feels good. i've been taking long - and some want inadvertent - breaks from sitting down at the computer myself. i still read and catch up on things from my phone but anything else just falls by the wayside. feels good.

    love the round up of goings on, too!
    chlorine-y smelling skin: ditto!
    spontaneous naps? happening now for the first time in a long time!
    easter? this year will be d's first! we were in baja his previous two and, not being a religious holiday for us either, it just got absorbed into vacation and glossed over. this year we're doing something bunny-ish! i got him a bunch of cool stuff and can't wait to do an easter egg hunt and get silly.

    and your date night sounded divine... hooray! xx

  6. I've been on a technology diet as well. It is nice to step away periodically and just exist without all the peripherals.


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