12 March 2012

how to eat kumquats

I heart kumquats #marchphotoaday #fruit

First off, if you follow me on Pinterest, so sorry about the kumquat pin-bomb! I'm done, for now :)

So, kumquats. We now have our own little tree that seems to be doing well. Upon bringing the little guy home from the garden store, we promptly devoured all the ripe fruit. Now, all the greenies are going orange. In my yard! Citrus ripening in San Francisco!

It's exciting. And, since kumquats from actual citrus farmers are in the markets now, for cheap, I've been trying to broaden my kumquat-usage horizons. How do you like to eat them?

So far, I've not been terribly creative: I just like to eat 'em whole. The tart inside marries so well with the sweet, citrus-oil-rich rind. My second favorite way to use kumquats is as a bribe. Sad but true. Jacky will do just about ANYTHING for a couple 'quats.

Beyond that, I was trying to think up some salads, some cooked recipes, etc... but why strain yourself thinking when there's Pinterest?? Such a great recipe source. Here's some of the highlights of my recent pinning blitz:

Kumquat Upside-down Cake || Source: alexandracooks.com via blake on Pinterest

Ginger Kumquat Smash || Source: thekitchn.com via blake on Pinterest

Kumquat Thyme Dressing || Source: quincesandthepea.com via blake on Pinterest

Kumquat Raspberry Popsicles || Source: foodgawker.com via blake on Pinterest

Kumquat-Lemongrass Chicken || Source: popartichoke.com via blake on Pinterest

Beet, Kumquat, Quinoa Salad || Source: loveandoliveoil.com via blake on Pinterest

Cardamom Kumquat Bars || Source: familyspiceblog.com via blake on Pinterest

So, how do you like your kumquats? I'm greedy for new ideas.


  1. wow, this is a fantastic round-up. we have a hard-working little tree that just keeps on keeping on, but I rarely do anything with them besides pop them in my mouth as well.... about a month ago, we made a kumquat cordial with fresh thyme. haven't tried it yet though.... i also keep saying i'm going to make marmalade. maybe tomorrow!!

    1. I saw a recipe for a kumquat-thyme cordial. let me know how you like it! I was thinking of making some for gifts instead of limoncello.

  2. Hi there! I love all these suggestions Blake, I recently made a kumquat salsa hat turned out lovely.

    1. Sounds great, Shelly. I was thinking along the same lines recently: guacamole with diced kumquats?

  3. I want to eat all of those recipes! Yum.

  4. I really want to like kumquats. Not being from California, I could say I'm still somewhat of a kumquat virgin. I've had them a few times but I didn't get any sweetness...only crazy bitter. Is that normal? Is it an acquired taste? All of these recipes look delicious, I'm going to have to try eating more. (oh! I did have a homemade kumquat infused vodka that was delicious).

  5. I love kumquats. I'm going to try some of these. I think I first fell in love with them because they were small and I liked peeling them and feeling like a giant. Now I love the flavor. I can't wait to try these.

    P.S. I'm waiting for my Tartine book to be delivered. I can't wait to dig into that too. Thx Blake, you are always an inspiration.

    1. Oh, Desi... thanks, I needed that. Feeling a little low energy lately, so thank you :) And, so glad you ordered Tartine! I need to go back to the book for some remedial work... been in a bit of a breadmaking slump lately. Perhaps a bit too much winging.

  6. yum yum!

    my favorite part of this post?
    "Jacky will do just about ANYTHING for a couple 'quats."

    so cute!!!


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