05 March 2012

garden friday | citrus blossom-scented edition

Meyer lemon
Meyer Lemon in bloom. Oh, the smell... it's simply heavenly.

...otherwise known as The Weather Was Too Gorgeous to Blog On Time Edition.

Seriously beautiful weather. And, as my neighbor observed over the fence, we are so lucky. Many others are suffering and dying due to the ravages of weather, and we've been spoiled with the mildest, balmiest days lately. Bittersweet.

// Summary of the Week //

Sun: Rain then sun. Perfect growing conditions.

Seeds planted: cilantro, italian parsley, carrots, favorite lettuce

Next up: 'bergamo bouquet' monardaanise hyssop, sunflowers, runner beans and other flowering vines

Spotted: first butterfly! (a monarch no less), hummingbirds, hawks

Re-potted: citrus (meyer lemon & kumquat)

Appearing: peas, kale, spinach, more asparagus spears

Harvested: more rosemary

Meals eaten outside: 1

To buy: copper tape (for slugs), more potting soil

To do: massive weeding and tidying. Still.


Hope you had a lovely weekend!


  1. That is such a pretty photo! My bathroom is still heavily scented with orange and grapefruit blossoms. Having a couple blooming indoors has been amazing!

  2. citrus blossoms are truly my favorite smell. The scent reminds me of my first move to California and just smelling that sweet scent in the air.


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