21 March 2012

I've got a Foggy Notion

Friends, in between the usual rhythm of family life--laundry, swimming lessons, trying to SLEEP--it's been work, work, work around here lately. Quite a few exciting Willow Ship-related announcements are afoot... the first of which is happening today.

Today is the re-opening of Foggy Notion, Alissa Anderson's really special studio and shop in the Inner Richmond. Alissa's shop is a curated collection of beautiful and useful items--all handmade, organic and eco-conscious. Alissa is such a friendly, encouraging and motivated person, and I'm so proud that she selected some of my linen dinner and cocktail napkins for Foggy Notion.

I stopped by the totally re-designed space last Friday and it's a wonderland of reclaimed wood installations and beautiful light. If you're in town, plan on coming to the grand re-opening party this Friday night. Toby and I are making a mini-date night out of it, and I can't wait to meet some of the other artists and see the whole revamped store put together.

Oh, and check out today's Daily Candy feature on Foggy Notion!

1 comment:

  1. RAD RAD RAD!! everything about this... especially the part about her carrying willow ship, obvs.

    and i love that you're making a date out of the opening... what fun!!



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