06 March 2012

five things

photo by Toby

1. this egg sandwich, on homemade bread. with crappy American cheese. possibly with a couple pickled jalapeños tucked inside. Oh. Yeah.

2. early morning sleepy kid snuggles.

3. almost being done compiling tax info for a complicated year. ugh. every year I think I'm going to be done by Feb 1. never happens.

4. amanda's new magazine. can't wait to get my copy.

5. jora's pretty redesign, by the talented Desi. Love the type, the colors, the friends working together :)


  1. Thank you so much, Blake. That is a great compliment.

    Taproot looks great. I love those illustrations.

    I was supposed to pull out my tax stuff this week. We will see if I do.

    Jacky is getting so big. I love that photo.

    I've been really into egg salad too. Especially in composed salads. Yum.

    I went backwards. Good brain exercise;)

  2. love love love!!
    and that egg sandwich? on tomorrow's breakfast menu!!

    (could jacky be any cuter?! love that photo.)


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