04 October 2011

balance and the beach

Um. Hi. Hello.

Normally, I'm not a believer in apologizing for a lack of posts. You know, it is what it is... and (I think) it's (to me) frankly a (slightly) boring read. (Yep, that was the most parenthetical sentence. Gosh, I hate offending.)

Oh, but sometimes... sometimes it just feels correct to acknowledge that things sometimes get a little crazy. A little off kilter. Even though it's technically "for fun," blogging sometimes gets included in my long list of commitments/have-to-do's/things left undone that I think about when trying to sleep. Sometimes it's a long, tiring list.

Well, suffice it to say, things have been a little nutty around here lately. Some of it, in a very good way. But, that very nice development has created other INTEREST, which leads to opportunities. Which leads this lady to too many Yes's sometimes. My goodness, I'm still learning how to say No.

Because, truth be told... my journey away from a desk job and that structure/lack of control is an exercise in saying No. I'm trying to say Yes to a different rhythm to life and working. One that places the peace of my household at the front of the line. Because, let me tell you: when Mama is stressed, everything really sucks for everyone.

So, I've been stressed and stretched. Kicking myself for letting my new work sitch so quickly catch up and resemble my old work sitch. Ugh.

But, hello. Here I am. I'm sitting here, catching up with my "want to do's," which include thinking and writing right now, and in a few minutes, tackling some reasonable tasks... because I'm practicing using the word No.

Oh, it's a process.

Because, when I say No, I can say Yes to balance, time and peaceful days.

Like this beautiful, misty day I've been meaning to show you for too long and almost shelved. You saw a sneak peak last time I clicked "publish"... and here's some more from our favorite spot down the coast. Must reserve time for more of this.


  1. beautiful pix!!
    the one of your boys art directing their shot is adorable...

    i'm intrigued (and not the least bit surprised) about the interest and opportunities!! yeah!!


  2. Hey Blake,

    I'm so curious… where is that beach? Those "pod walls" are insanely cool!

    Enjoy the ride on your new-found journey of discovery and exploration. Exciting times!


  3. Thanks ladies :) Dana, you'd love this spot: it's the (North) Bean Hollow beach on Hwy 1, near Pescadero.

  4. I'm with you on the blogging guilt and it cracked me up to read that Jora was feeling the same way in back to back posts from the two of you.

    I've had a terrible time with work/life balance. It's tough. I have this nagging fear of losing momentum and guilt for enjoying myself. I know that can't be good.

    Trying to remember that "The Time is Now" and that doesn't mean that I should be in a panic. It means that the moment is the most important. When I find the space between I'm usually happier and the past/future shit figures itself out.

  5. I am loving these photos AND that beach, mama! Nice soft/hazy feel.

    Since I am the Queen of the Slow Posting + Lamenting-About-It-Movement, don't feel too bad. In fact, feel gloriously happy that you are so busy you've not got the time! :) At least that's my M.O.

    After nearly 5 years and many ebbs + flows later, I've come to the conclusion that (99% of the time) the only people that post regularly long term are those that are paid to do so.

  6. Looks like a fun day on the coast! Miss you guys!

  7. Oh Blake... I hear you on the balance thing. It is a continual battle for me. I am the YES girl one second that the "Heck NO" girl the next. Your pics are beautiful. what a spot! :)


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