12 October 2011

stuff I like

So I got a text from Nancy today... all appears to be well and the healing can begin. YES. Since she's probably now nested deep into the couch, watching Dance Moms or something equally therapeutic, let's leave these life and death issues for a moment.

I wanna tell you 'bout some STUFF. Stuff I like. Stuff on Etsy. Of course.

Know what the problem with selling on Etsy is? The ol' Paypal balance builds up a little (my family and I are OK with that part) but it's just OH SO easy to justify a "for moi" purchase now and then from said balance. (It's rare, trust me!) Click click. Me want. It's like when you work in an office and someone's constantly coming by with chocolate bars for sale. But, not crappy fundraiser chocolate (sorry)... really insane, crazy good chocolate. With artisanal, magical sea salt on top. Or something like that.

Here's a (very) short list of my current workplace temptations.

Theater Clouds by Elly MacKay.
Beautiful, dreamy, haunting images. Elly builds this magic out of illustrated paper and then photographs these scenes in her miniature "theater." You know when you see someone's work and you're like... Oh man. That looks so amazing and FUN to do. Wish I made that. Ya know? This is that for me, eventhough it's so different from what I know how to make. I don't normally pine for a day in someone's studio just to see how they do what they do, but I wish I could see Elly's magic in the making.

Minature Houses by The Haunted Hollow Tree.
Growing up, our house wasn't religious. Actually, our house was a bit of a mix: Jewish father and Lutheran mother... but they weren't observant, to be honest. Probably one generation removed from observance, in both cases. Religion was introduced to me as a "if you're interested, here's what some people believe... see what you think" type of thing. Casual. But! Putting out the Nativity Scene at Christmas was a cherished ritual of mine. Maybe it was the miniature scale, the ritual of carefully unwrapping it and the fussy arranging it demanded, whatever. I liked it. At this stage in my life, I'm gravitating more toward arranging these sweet, restrained dwellings in a winter village. Can't you see it?

2012 12-Month Calendar by Leah Duncan
OK, I already own this one. Gotta say, I just love Leah's work. I totally relate to her abstract/geometric work (like this calendar), but am in awe of her more figurative work: mystical llamas and bisons? Cool.

And finally... cashmere undies (by sartoria)! Oh yes I did.
Need I expound upon these little bits of genius? No, I think not. They speak for themselves. Yes, please.


  1. ooooooh! great picks!!
    love 'em all.
    the miniature houses are the perfect solution for a non-religo christmas tradition/ritual. much more us than a nativity scene, too. love.

    oh, and the cashmere undies? the only thing i'd like more than a pair would be to look like that in them! ha!

  2. Yeah... I can only go on Etsy every now and then, otherwise I want to buy everything. Speaking of which, I want to place and order with you but wondered if you were hit hard with work after your big DS promo? I can wait until things slow down.... :)

  3. sara: Haaaaa, exactly! maybe they're magical sexy-mama undies.

    kim: so sweet. lay it on me -- no prob ;)

  4. I really want those undies--and the bralette. Thanks for the links. I'm going to share the first with my old teaching colleague. It looks like a fun student project.

  5. OH Blake. I love you. You are so sweet. Thank you for your post and check-in's. And, you know me so well. I will hit Dance Moms soon. RIght now, it is AMerica's Next Top Model. Tyra. Snap! :) Cashmere undies. For real? Radness all around. Miss you and love you.

  6. do those undies come in Granny Panty size?

  7. Blake, I don't know how I miss your posts some times.

    I'm a little unsure of those panties. hmmmmm. look a little thick for my liking, but to each his/her own ;) plus down here in sd my junk stays warm.

    I've been lusting over that calendar. I will without a doubt wait until I can't get it or buy it and forget I own it until May.

    I bought this great letterpress poster last year and I had a mat cut for it. They cut it wrong and I was hoping to have it up before Colleen's baby shower last November. I just got said poster framed and up.

    Sorry for the long etsy purchase confessional.

  8. Desi: thank you for making me snort in my coffee... haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. warm junk.

  9. Oh you CRACK me up! Ever since I found your blog--cashmere undies?!!?? LOVE it! How great ARE they?!??? I think I WANT!


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