18 October 2011

monday, monday

Some Mondays--our "Jacky & Mama play day," to fill as we wish--have a definite set of plans. We get out of the house early, lunch packed and a destination in mind. Some Mondays don't: we putter about in the garden and are surprised by lunch cravings.

Yesterday, we started out with a plan. Jacky loves Muir Woods... a long drive through the city, over the beautiful GG bridge, through the twisty Marin roads to The Big Trees. But, this time, is was not to be. Too late of a start... too many people... no place to park. Not a good day to visit the touristy (at times) woods.

So we pressed on. A pretty, meandering drive ended at a gorgeous beach. Muir Woods gave way to Muir Beach. And, so be it. We didn't have swimsuits, beach blankets or sand toys. But, we had a lunch, a towel found in the car... and lots of time for cuddles and beach-gazing. Little dude had a big weekend with his cousins and some time to be still and quiet was in order. For both of us.

sleepy beach baby


my beautiful boy

best beach outfit ever


  1. oh golly. this is such good stuff... everything about it.
    the impromptu adventure, the undies-buns on the beach, the cuddles, the little ducky and the car-ride snooze.

    he's a lucky guy, that jacky.


  2. what beautiful pics! you have a cutie on your hands.

  3. the undies/black socks/uggs combo is the best thing ever.

  4. Aaaawwww! Give me a holler the next time you're in the hood. I'd love to see you two. No notice required. ; ~ )



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