23 October 2011

pizza | BLT! (ish)

BLT pizza

First off, I just updated the master dough recipe. Again! Toby made a tweak recently out of necessity: we only had this much tipo '00' flour, so he grabbed some whole wheat pastry flour to make up the difference. The result? More please. A smidge of whole wheat makes me feel a little better about the rest of the snowy white flour, but if I'm honest, the real reason I dig it is the texture: a delicately crispy exterior with a very tender, airy interior. It's seriously getting there, people.

So, check it out. And make some pizza. Your people will love you for it.

BLT pizza

OK, this week's pizza. Can I just say BLT? Uh huh. Well, pretty much. I didn't cook lettuce in the oven--I subbed basil instead, tucked under the cheese and julienned, sprinkled on top.

This is a pretty unapologetically Summery pizza, right in the middle of October. But then, it's our season right now for eating sweet Sungold tomatoes, basil... outside... with flip-flops and shorts... and limeade. You know, dinner tonight.

BLT pizza
hello, Fall light


BLT-ish Pizza!

basic pizza recipe + tomato sauce + basil leaves to cover (i.e., lots)
+ shredded mozzarella
+ halved sungold (or other small sweet) tomatoes
+ cooked bacon, chopped roughly
drizzle with olive oil, especially exposed dough. sprinkle with salt.
bake per recipe.
garnish with grated parmesan, julienned basil.
slice and devour.


And... because it think all his pizzas are adorable (he decorates them himself... the dump method), I give you Jacky's creation from tonight. Not a "plain cheese" man, his feature lots of ingredients. No matter how many I prep for him... there's always room for "one more?"

jacky's pizza

ps -- 300th post! What?


  1. that looks like heaven. i just had my first not so good pizza at my favorite pizza place. i swear i'm going to attempt your dough. it scares me. i don't feel like i'm very good at baking. although i made some amazing cookies last night.

  2. omg. i could eat this all day long. every day. and i'm so not kidding.

    can you handle this: i've never made my own dough.
    the shame!

    consider me inspired now...


  3. Can't wait to try the new dough. I need to make a new batch this week. :) And as always, the toppings look amazing.

    PS. All we were missing this past weekend was YOU!

  4. so good, soo good.

    i'm with sara. not much of a dough maker. i did it once and it turned out all wonky.


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