25 September 2011

a few favorites, right now

:: A Friday morning drive to our favorite coastal spot. Maybe we always go on the cold days, but having a whole beautiful, dramatic, pebble-y beach to ourselves can't be beat.

:: A story of an unfolding (hopefully) adoption process that makes me tear up every time Alicia posts about it. Maybe it's her breathtaking pictures from a very important train trip, too.

:: Collecting crafty tutorials on Pinterest. I think this might be my favorite use of my favorite webaddiction.

:: Fall ankle booties. Especially shoes that 1) I really like (and look good with skinny fall pants); and 2) find their way into my basket while shopping for little boy underwear at Target. True, they're not Missoni, but I love um. Very comfy too.

:: Miso, this way: Gwynneth Paltrow's salad dressing from her cookbook. I think I mentioned it before, but it's like crack on lettuce. Or anything else you can dip in it.

:: Miso, that way: A crazy, nutty sandwich from Feeding the Whole Family, by Cynthia Lair. --> Layer a sandwich like this: bread | thin layer of white miso | thinly sliced apple | white cheddar cheese | another apple layer | more miso | bread. I thought it was a joke the first time I read it, but then I couldn't stop wondering about it... and it really works! So good! Jacky loves it too, did I mention? It's a pretty kid friendly sammy.

:: Knitting. As in, why don't I know how to do it?! I mean, when I could be making this owl that made me shriek at my screen? Come on. Someone teach me.

:: Kristina's salad. Kale, hazelnuts, tomatoes, yogurt dressing... oh my. Anyone made it yet? I must, I must, this week.

:: Homemade bread + homemade cultured butter. All I need sometimes.

:: A husband who spends his weekends covered in sawdust, in the garage with power tools, all in the name of making me a big-ass rustic table for the backyard. (I think he might be having fun, though.)

:: A simple morning: jammies till noon, play-doh, Elizabeth Mitchell.


  1. Must try both Miso's. I am DYING to learn how to knit too... hopefully this winter!

  2. it all sounds so cozy. I've been meaning to learn how to knit too. There's a knitting workshop at our local yarn shop each month. I think I'll make it in October!

  3. love it all! the photos are so heart warming!



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