11 September 2011

pizza | baby flowering zucchini, goat cheese & herbs

Friends, I've been on cloud nine since last week's new beginning... Yes, being in the craft business I've dreamed of for a long time is fun, amazing, and thrilling. But I've been pysched because of you: your heartfelt, encouraging comments. But also: the FB'ing, the Pinterest pins, the blog post (wow, Sara!), Tumblr, the word of mouth... the... gulp, orders! Wowzers. I don't intend to flood this space with shop talk (I'll take that elsewhere, soon), but I just had to say THANKS. Wow.

Amid all this excitement, nourishment and life goes on. We've been enjoying a beautiful September in San Francisco... dare I say, a pretty reliable time of year. The garden is loving the sun, I have an enthusiastic helper, and the summer squashes are having none of the "it feels like Fall!!" talk I've been spying here and there ;)

Zucchini in the hay-yowse. I have my eye on many recipes, including this, this and this (but I need more! And, how can I get my husband to eat zucchini? He really needs to pitch in with the slightly frightening bounty.).

But, right now, today: pizza, anyone?

I keep wanting to make a recipe from the Jamie at Home cookbook: baby zucchini with flowers, stuffed with herby, chili-spiked goat cheese, then battered and fried. Pretty straightforward squash-blossom fare, yes, but I can't get it out of my mind.

Tonight, I was going to kind of replicate that, minus the batter/fry, and plop my stuffed flowers on a pizza. Twas gonna be awesome... but, Sunday is our Family Meal night, and fiddling around with stuffed cucurbit flowers, at a certain point, was obviously not going to happen. Duh. So, I just plopped it all on the pizza. And it was just grand. Mostly, I just like how the flowers look in food: always pretty. Always Summery.


Pizza with Baby Flowering Zucchini, Goat Cheese & Herbs

basic pizza recipe + tomato sauce + shredded mozzarella
+ 3-4 baby zucchini w/flowers attached 
(slice in half & remove stamen from inside flowers) 
+ a few blobs of goat cheese
+ red pepper flakes, thyme, oregano
drizzle with olive oil, especially exposed dough. sprinkle with salt.
bake per recipe.
garnish with grated parmesan, chopped basil & mint.
slice and devour.



  1. nice that it's 7:17 am and i'm totally in the mood for pizza!
    (sans-goat cheese. i do believe i am one of about six or seven humans who can't stand it! i try it every so often to make sure... and yep... just can't do it!) xx

  2. looks AMAZING! I am really enjoying following your blog and getting to know you! Nice work! You have many gifts...


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