20 September 2011

the big boy bed

...is here. And we have a very, very proud little guy in the house. He has, in his opinion, arrived. Big time in the big boy bed!

And isn't the bed the cutest. It's a convertible number from Casa Kids (that sadly isn't made anymore--boo!) that goes from crib to toddler bed (above) to twin bed. Pretty sweet. I'm kinda in love too.

And, sigh. How did we get here so fast?! Just a moment ago, a little baby was just getting to know that crib. Sniffff. You know I was tearing up while snapping photos. Given.


  1. Firstly, that bed is gorgeous (as are your boys!)

    And secondly, we are so nearly ready for the big boy bed that it's killing me. I feel your pain! I think tears are fine ;)

    PS. Gorgeous blog

  2. that bed is awesome. i love bent wood.

    jackie looks so freaking happy. that is so cute. the new frontier stuff that you get to experience with kids is so great. i love the little things.

  3. I love the bed...and the lamp in the background. getting out of the crib is so exciting; finn wanted to show everyone his 'big boy bed' for months!

  4. totally sniff sniff! can't we slow the clock down just a little bit?!

    what a rad bed!! what a lucky ducky!! xx

  5. Hi Laura, welcome! It's nice to have you here and to know about your own fabulous blog, boys, life etc. Cheers!

    Desi: yep it's those little milestones. Still feeling misty.

    Colleen: that lamp! I love it too; have had it for, oh, 15 years. Never imagined it would sit where it does now :)

    Sara: yah, I kinda want to try to sleep on it. Kinda hurts to look at, it's so presh. xoxo


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