13 September 2011

family music jam

I was feeling a little camera shy. Pardon the lap shot!

Sometimes, in that special time between the toddler dinner and bath/bedtime (you know, right?), the thing that's really called for lately in our house is... drumroll... Family Music Jam.


Because, really. After a long day of sitting in meetings (Dada), sewing/printing/breadmaking/laundry (Mama), and learning/growing/being (guess who), there's really nothing better than wailing on some instruments and singing... EXTREMELY LOUDLY!!

And, by instruments, I mean... yes, instruments. Xylophones, drums, recorders. But also: "banjos" (half of a Swiffer mop or random spatulas) or maybe a backup "drum" (random bouncy ball wailed on with a tambourine).

Number one song in rotation lately: Yellow Submarine. ("we aw wiv in da wewow sub-maween!") I'm sure the neighbors are loving it. Single family dwelling in the house.

Yep, we're loving music time. Jacky is the leader of the band, asking unruly members to play their instruments "nicely please." He's started singing along with us, which is hilarious and adorable. We definitely sound like a bunch of crazy jackals, but it's the perfect wind-down to our days.

Any special way you bring the day in for a sane landing?


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  2. I love family jam sessions. That's so awesome. I recently rediscovered my great talent with an accordion (shut it Caley and Josh).

    My friend has had his kid in The School of Rock (http://www.schoolofrock.com) since he was 8 and he's 10 now. I love seeing the videos of him playing bass on some White Stripes song. It's so awesome.

  3. Oh my. Congratulations on the Design Sponge post! So awesome.


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