20 May 2011

today was a good day

this is the life
{there may or may not be big boy ki-ki's on my head. you be the judge.}

1. wee wee in the potty... x4!
2. my two children (actual & fur) hung out. Like, in the same room without anyone leaving in a furry, panicky state. There was petting, almost-screaming-for-joy, being-quiet-practicing, treat-giving, general hangin'. This hasn't happened in almost a year.
3. I canned some stuff.
4. Said canning went well enough during naptime that I kept the elliptical in a good working order.
5. I didn't even have to use my AK*
6. Friday gin & tonic
7. Husband played Black Flag while we washed up. Somehow, it works.

*some items not from my actual life.

1 comment:

  1. And you got a beep from Kim... (but we'll leave it at that.) ;)


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