05 May 2011

this garden, this morning

a bench with a view

pretty peas

peas, in utero

peas, fattening up

baby lettuces

yesterday's rose

garlic grove

Hauer Pippin apple

Red Onions

'aromatherapy' rose


hot day lettuce tent

my first garlic scape

alpine strawberry

peas & roses

fava forest

'heaven on earth' rose

blueberry clusters, coloring up

Señor Pabs
{feliz cumpleaños, gatito...#13!}


  1. Oh that fine feline. We love Senor Pablo, mucho.
    ANd that garden...me gusta... mucho. xoxo

  2. um, the garden looks AMAZING!!!!!! Did you get a new planter box (to the far right in the first photo?) Is that where the artichoke patch was?


  3. OH! And happy birthday senor pabs! hope you got lots of stinky treats yesterday :)

  4. dude, you are my gardening hero/idol/inspiration!

  5. Nanny: Pablo says GRACIAS, and sorry for high-tailing it outta here during your visit. He'll try harder next time :)

    K: Yep! The artichokes bit the dust, so we (i.e., Toby) built a new bed back there. Mostly, it was a ploy to dispose of all the soil I dug up from the former weed patch.

    Sara: aw, shucks -- thanks! ;)



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