18 May 2011

just bag it

As I was driving out to this beautiful spot today, listening to the local public radio station with the shorter pledge breaks, they were talking about the new documentary, Bag It. Anyone seen it (heard of it?)... I don't see many movies lately (ok, ever), but it sounded like a good, informative, non-preachy movie about not just too many plastic bags, but plastic in general: the ever-present BPA, phthalates, etc. Sounded like a good movie not just for the "converted" -- you know?

(PS: if you're into this sort of thing, check out Tapped. Motivating. Like, I'm steering clear of plastic bottles forever.)

When I worked for my now ex-employer (manufacturer of mostly plastic toys), we were super aware of these harmful substances, since there are some helpful bans concerning children's products. We couldn't put harmful chemicals in kid's toys (which is good seeing that they all go in the mouth)... but other industries can put 'em in other stuff you ingest. Super bad news, especially for pregnant ladies. (As you all probably are very well aware.)

So, this stuff is on my radar. I may not see this film right away, but hearing about Bag It was just a good reminder that although our household has already cut out some harmful stuff--we don't microwave any food in plastics (super bad), we've mostly stopped eating canned beans/other food (I'm soaking some gorgeous beans this very minute), and we mostly try to avoid lotions etc that contain all that crap (exhibit A)--we still have some areas to cut out the plastic.

For one, we still have a little zip-loc bag habit going. I still use 'em to freeze home-baked bread... store crackers... granola. I guess I could switch to glass for some of this stuff. Maybe foil? It's a little confusing.

Anyone else trying to tackle the plastic? Any good ideas?

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  1. Would love to come up with an alternative for the plastic freezer bags we use for pizza dough.
    It's some consolation that we only have four of them, which we wash and reuse for the next batch.


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