18 February 2011

tasting notes | NYC

I'm back and slowly reinserting myself into our normal routine. Actually, it hasn't been normal, since I haven't set foot downtown all week... so I've gotten some serious snuggle and play time with Mister Man. Or, "tut tut," as he's been calling himself lately.


Anyway, the trip to NY was for work, but my boss and I had a strong feeling (hope!) that things would go smoothly and we'd have time for some outings of the food variety. They did, and we did.

Here's a (somewhat edited!) list, in chronological order... have you been to any of these places? Let me know!


NYC eating | early Feb 2011

Ace Hotel lobby... Friday breakfast. We grabbed Stumptown coffee (Americano for me) and a breakfast sandwich (broccoli, egg & cheese--YUM) from No. 7 Sub Shop. Luckily New Yorkers don't seem to get up too early, so we had our pick of oh-so comfy seats in the hotel lobby. The decor is so wonderful in a clubby-meets-steampunk style, and we stayed for a loooong time, and left for our work day pretty relaxed. A first.

Eataly... Friday dinner. So, I overheard a couple of NY'ers saying a couple of sour words about this Italian food mecca, but I'm like... dude, it's awesome. Lighten up! It's like a little, tiny vacation to Italy: my own personal "happy place." And, not to say that this place is tiny: there's like 12 aisles of pasta, a whole section of nutella-like substances. A couple of restaurants and coffee/wine bars. We started at the standing mozzarella bar with prosecco and fresh cheese, while we waited for our table at the pasta/pizza place. Once seated we were in legit pasta heaven. After we were seduced by delicious cheese and delicate salad starters, out came the perfect pasta. My cacio e pepe was just incredible. Simple but so flavorful. So happy.

The Breslin at the Ace Hotel... Saturday breaky. Serious breaky. Yep, back to the Ace. We weren't even staying there; it's just a comfortable place to hang out. And The Breslin is amazing. Such interesting, satisfying breakfast options, from a "full English" to a mind-blowing lentils and egg dish. Wow. I got the bubble and squeak special, and it was as good as I imagine The Two Fat Ladies would make. (Ah, RIP Jennifer.) We sat in a curtained booth and, once again, lingered and lingered before starting work.

Joseph Leonard... Saturday late lunch. Perhaps my favorite find? Being done early with work (yesss), Robin and I camped out in a cozy window in the West Village, eating a second brunch of the day, sipping milky tea and talking about kids, life, etc. Just lovely. Needless to say, we lingered. Maybe it was the friendly waitstaff, or it might have been the people-watching: no less than THREE couples of identically dressed people walked by, delighting everyone inside the restaurant. And by delighting, I mean inspiring shrieks of laughter. Refill, please.

Brooklyn Flea... Sunday afternoon snacks. I checked out of my hotel and subway'd over to Brooklyn to see how my baby brother is living these days. Awww, so good to see him on his new turf. We sipped tea at his cozy place, then stepped out to the nearby Brooklyn Flea... I bought a botanical print, then sampled a wicked pickle from McClure Pickles (really spicy, really good), then headed downstairs for an Anthony Bourdain-style grazing (i.e., walking around, noshing), albeit on a MUCH smaller scale. How does he EAT that much? We ate some spinach pies from a vendor I'm not sure of, and then tried some Asia Dogs (I had The Vinh (banh-mi style) on a veggie dog). There was also some crazy, inventive iced tea somewhere too.

Mmm mmm, good.


Max, Lulu

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  1. Ok, that pic is seriously adorbs. The kitty is hugging him!


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