03 February 2011

I just went in for leggings...

I swear. What can I say, I'm out of practice... I loathe shopping, in general. For one thing, the instant BFF'ing on the part of sales clerks is like nails on my chalkboard. (Maybe I can be a tad grumpy?!)

But, next week I'm heading to NYC for work, straight into the Snowpocalypse (dun dun dun), and the internets are saying I'm going to freeze my hiney off. Hence, Robin and I headed into American Apparel today for some "winter weight" leggings. Which, in hindsight, sounds like they'll make you look like you ate cookies all winter... thankfully, they're just super warm leggings.

OK. It started badly: one pair of leggings turned into three... plus some clothes for Jacky (a Helvetica "J" shirt? Oh, OK.) and some other airplane-friendly stuff for me. (Do I really need more sailor-striped tops? What kind of question is that.) Then some cute gloves... and maybe a scarf? I have a boat-load of scarves, but this is The Snowpocalypse, people. Not too many years ago, we were caught in a blizzard at 4:30am and my neck got wind-burned. Never again.

So, I picked up something very soft... something labeled a "circle scarf"--but I was confused: this was just a MONSTROUS pile of sweatery fabric. Nearly a whole bolt of fabric, it seemed. But we held it up, and it was a HUGE tube of sweatery fabric... that you can wrap, twist, drape, hood and house yourself with.


Yes, circle/infinity scarves are not super new... but you could live in this thing. It practically doubles as a sleeping bag. It was totally worth dealing with all the skeezy-basement-porn imagery in the store to find my new BFF.

Is anyone doing a uniform project with this thing yet??


  1. Oooh I love it..I have a Hood-scarf,that a friend made for me and it is...exactly what it sounds like..but very funky. Also I cant help buying if I go near a kids clothing shop (cos they really need more clothes...right?),hope you have a good trip!

    xx Melissa (nz)

  2. omg you're killing me!
    the instant bff'ing of sales people... can't handle!

    and if i had a nickel for every sailor striped tee i have owned or will own... they're my downfall.
    it's always the stripes.

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