25 February 2011

home remedies for sad snifflers

Little dude has a cold. Not an extremely terrible one, but it's enough. You know, coughing, snot faucet, crabbiness, lethargy mixed with bouts of mania! Fun times. Truth be told, it wasn't all bad: I was treated to a rare 15-minute mellow cuddle session this morning... but of course duly rewarded with irrational screaming about who-remembers-what in the backyard. You know.

lavender + chamomile olive oil
lavender + chamomile olive oil

Anyway, I'm not a fan of medicating for something minor like a sniffly cold, so I like to try home remedies of the natural/herbal variety. Today, Mr Snotty got his first diluted cup of Throat Coat (I heart, thanks Rebecca!) with lemon and honey (he now hearts too). And he was treated to an aromatherapy herbal soak that I will be using for my next cold -- see below for recipe.

I have super fond memories of the cold/flu-care I got as a kid: Vicks vapo-rub on my chest, cool washcloths on my forehead, humidifier, 7up or juice with a straw, cozy blankets, warm kitties on the bed, etc.

So, what are your favorite home remedies for sniffle monsters? I'd love to expand my arsenal--I mean, cozy mama toolkit. Any good ideas?


Here's the cold-ease bath soak I gave the little man tonight. It smelled so amazing; just being in the steamy bathroom was therapy enough for me. Ahh. Sleep tight, little guy.

Cold-ease Bath Soak
inspired by Organic Body Care Recipes by Stephanie Tourles

:: 3 tsp. base oil like jojoba, e.v. olive oil, etc*
:: 3 drops each: lavender, rosemary, roman chamomile, rose geranium, tea tree essential oils

Mix together and add to running warm bath water. Soak, breathe in and relax.

*My base oil, pictured, is extra virgin olive oil steeped for one month with dried chamomile and lavender flowers. Smells SO AMAZING, I can't even tell you.


lavender + chamomile olive oil
lavender + chamomile olive oil

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