10 February 2011

what she packed

If you see me in the airport looking a little smug, I'll apologize. Heck, I'll buy you a cup of coffee. But, can you blame me? 72 hours in snowy NYC fits into one modest (but perfect) Hayden-Harnett tote.


My strategy: a few pairs of warm, winter-weight leggings... stuffed into my trusty La Canadienne boots... covered with various dresses... which either go over or under a handful of striped (see, I wasn't kidding about stripes!) boat-neck shirts/sweaters. Plus a few other dress options for dinners. All topped with my new BFF: the huge, mushy circle scarf.


Clockwise from top left: knotted Alice Temperley t-shirt; bell-sleeved French Connection dress; my "sweats in a dress" (it's that comfy) Curlycue paisley dress; 3 striped shirts/sweaters (randoms and H&M), basic Gap camisole and slip, just-in-case fancier purse (containing undies), La Canadienne boots, H&M black racer-back dress, Gap jammies (stripes!), My Favorite Piece of Clothing: perfect APC wrap A-line skirt, various leggings from American Apparel and Gap, the Circle Scarf and new knitted gloves from American Apparel.

I'm missing a layer, right? Yes, I'm bringing a ridiculously puffy jacket (too enormous/embarrassing to photograph) and some ugly but functional Smartwool socks... oh and the cute pink cashmere hat atop the packed bag. Almost forgot.

Radically pared-down toiletries/makeup go in the purse. TSA, I'm ready for you.

Now someone has to pry me away from cute kid and husband... and all this glorious California sunshine.

Last time I left town for work, it was so hard:

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  1. Totally stealing your uniform for my trip to BV next week!


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