16 June 2010

when laziness turns to beauty

So, can I just say "meant to do that?" Most gardeners snip away the first signs of a flower stalk, as a veggie or herb starts to bolt. Me? meh, sometimes.

This year, I'm growing so many new edibles that once they start to bolt, I kind of justify leaving them alone (unless I have something waiting in the wings, ready to replace the bolter) just to see what their flowers will look like. Mostly, it's been worth it.

You should have seen arugula. That monster bolted so fast, but man was it cool. Beautiful, wild-looking, black-flecked cream flowers that smelled JUST like honey. Why didn't I take a photo? I did add some to flower arrangements indoors. Special, secret flower source.

Anyway, some more recent flower stalks did meet with my camera. A few recent faves:

sorrel flower
Sorrel flower stalk. I think this is incredibly striking. Pink? Wow.

spinach flower
Spinach "flower"

cilantro flowers
Cilantro flowers. Delicate and pretty.

blackberry flowers
OK, so this isn't a bolting veg. It's my old pal, the enormous, sprawling blackberry bramble in the back of the yard. It's in beautiful, papery flower now, and we should have the first juicy, sweet berries next month. Yes, it does constantly try to invade my vegetable beds, but really... How can I be mad at it?


  1. So pretty... I have never seen the flower of cilantro. I just think of heaping it into my TA burrito.

  2. When I got back from our trip, my red lettuce had flowered an unusual looking display. I wish I'd taken a photo of it now!


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