01 June 2010

look who's 18 (months!)

It feels like years sometimes. In a good way, you know. We've come a long way. It feels like years ago AND yesterday that I was coaxing him with a loony stuffed octopus to... just... lift... your.... head! I swear mama will stop torturing you -- soon! Tummy time and tears. Or, it feels like just yesterday that he pulled himself right up, beaming... that he first said "kitty" (first word. I suppose I can forgive it if we're raising an animal lover).

But, here we are: 18 big months. No longer a baby in my book. He's no longer obsessed with our cat -- rather, the neighbor's. He points next door and chants: "bella... doh" -- Bella's door! He demands that we "ree!" his favorite books (everything from Where is Baby's Belly Button and Curious George to Mercer Mayer's Nightmare series (hands down tops. confession: we sometimes hide it.) and Fox in Sox ("Fah! Sah!"). He begs to be let down to the "gah-gah" (garden), where he sorts gravel and rocks, drags around mama's hose and the too-big watering can. He pets plants and flowers softly ("fahhh"). And then he grabs and pulls. He announces "wee wee" and "poo poo" RIGHT before going... and sometimes after. (I'm shopping for a potty.) He absolutely LIVES for peek-a-boo, hands-only style as well as running around the crib style. He laughs so hard I think he's going to cry (that's my boy). He throws himself in my arms for reassurance and gives everyone sweet, soft kissies. He leans sweetly on Dada during story time. He strokes my hair softly while I hold him. He is our precious cuddler ("cuh-uh!").

Happy 1.5, little big boy Jacky.


photos by Toby ("Dada")


  1. TEll him to stop right now.. and I mean it! What a little gem. Next time I see him, he'll be chatting with me..

  2. Oh this makes me verklempt!! What a sweet boy.

  3. Ahhh... little cutie! I wish it didn't go by so quickly.


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