22 June 2010

final fava bean harvest

fava bean harvest

Behold. Spring is both literally before you... and quite over. This past weekend, I practiced tough love and ripped out heaps of fading plants. You know, those that I'd be nurturing since seed in mid February. Right out. Replaced with all kinds of squashes.

Two patches of fava beans met with my garden shears--I cut off the tops and left the nitrogen-clad roots in the soil (to enrich it). But, as far as enriching our plates, I walked with 4.5 pounds of beans people! And this was just the final harvest. We had a few good round-ups of these wonderful beans. I would definitely plant them again, so I set aside some fat, perfect beans for drying and saving till next February.

But, as for the near term... hello delicious:

fava bean harvest

Grilled ciabatta + quick garlic rub + mash-up of favas, pecorino, lemon and olive oil.


  1. Wow. That sounds brutal and cathartic at the same time.

  2. this looks amazing. i'm going to make it this weekend. yum!


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