21 June 2010

mission to craft: part I

Remember how I said I wanted to get crafty for the kid? You know, maybe extend a pipe cleaner across time and space, and reconnect with my own mom and childhood? Well, check it out. I actually made something...

Butterfly Mobile!

butterfly mobile

Taken from this book, this project was extremely easy and fun, with (I think) a pretty charming result. The frilly butterflies catch the wind and gracefully float over Jacky's diapering area. A little magic in the most un-magical of corners, you could say.

butterfly mobile

I'm pretty sure I made something like this as a kid. Many sheets of tissue paper and plenty of pipe cleaners lined my mom's craft closet (yeah, she had a whole closet for it). 

Now, what to make next?

butterfly mobile

I'm thinking something wearable. I bought a few plain lap Ts for Jacky and have been eyeing some nasturtium leaves and fabric paint... stay tuned.

butterfly mobile

Can't wait till we can get crafty together. 

butterfly mobile

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