30 June 2010

Jacky's new barn

Calling all you children of the 70s. Remember this barn? Classic Fisher-Price, with wooden parts and actual nails holding the thing together. Woah.

This well-loved toy is a hold-over from Toby's youth, when he was exactly the age you see below. His mom keeps everything, and she recently kicked down with Jacky's new favorite toy.

And... He. Loves. It.  Ohmygosh, roosters, tractors, cows, and doors that open and shut. open and shut. open and shut. 


fisher-price barn

fisher-price barn


  1. Have it.... love it. We also have the yellow family house and the red school house. I love the school house. It is in our playroom. It has in permanent marker in my mom's writing, "Nancy's School." The girls play with it as a treat. :)

  2. oooh...he'll really like the faire with live pigs then!!!

  3. I remember that barn well! I recently watched a documentary called "King Corn" and they featured this same barn in their creative visualizations. Check it out! It's an interesting look at how so much of what we each has corn in it.

    Tangent queen strikes again!

    Jacky looks so grown up in that 2nd picture. Loving that haircut!


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