06 January 2011

back to life. back to reality.

Wow. Holy radio silence. Even my husband knew better than I how long it's been. Sorry. But that's kind of cute right? I guess he's reading. (Hi!)

Anyway, welcome back. To you and to me. I feel like I've read so many posts in the last week or so that have started this same way... so, I'm in good company, perhaps?

Let me just say that many exciting things are in store for 2011. Excitement, that is, in my life I think... and perhaps it will make interesting blog fare. I think that's the way it works?

(Will 2011 be the year of question marks? Perhaps: answers to new questions.)

Anyway, since the holidays--which were lovely. both restful and busy but lovely--were such a blur, allow me to summarize pictorially. Ahem.

During this season of merriment, we:

stocking shenanigans
...hung our stockings with care. Pretty much.

dress up
...dressed for fancy jammie parties

bread | golden raisin, fennel seed & clem zest
...baked. No cookies this year, just bread bread bread.

bread | country loaf
...and more bread

...snacked. Homemade bread + blood orange olive oil & balsamic. Kinda 90s, but always satisfying.

holy snacks, that's cute
...snacked, sustainable edition. (BTW, this picture? what is he twelve now?! I melt.)

...started "reading" on our own. He may not be on my lap reading and snuggling, but I still find this so, so sweet.

spanning time
...attempted a family photo. With a two year old? HA.

...had to settle for just the two of us. Mind you, the first decent photo of the two of us in a long while. OK, fine.
Well, there was much more than this: a visit from BOTH brothers, long-awaited closet re-orgs (scarily awesome), and the limoncello distribution. But, somehow those photos are missing. Always happens.

Onward. On the blog horizon: holiday crafting recap! my experiments in home chemistry! a serious, scary commitment to photography! Winter gardening woes! Spring garden 2011 preview! General life changes! Etcetera, etc.

See you back soon. Happy 2011.


  1. OH Blake... I miss you! It looks like you had a delightful holiday. Your card this year, cracked me up! Perfectly, awesome. I agree... the boy looks 12 and that pic of you and T is fabulous. The only thing missing in the bread shot is a shot of me cramming it in my mouth..... YUM YUM CARBS! Miss you, my friend. xoxo

  2. I missed you too! But you almost lost me at those AMAZING loaves of bread. That looks so fantastic. Can't wait to hear what is in store. I've got a garden post in the works, too.

  3. I can't wait to hear about your home experiments. Sounds awesome.

  4. Chiming in here with the missing-youness! "Kinda 90s." Awesome.

  5. yay! welcome back! missed you (even though I just saw you last week, haha!)


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