30 January 2011

project 365 | 2011 | Week 4

A month!

That means... I'm, ah, one-twelfth of the way to completion. Phew. So far, the commitment to a daily photo hasn't been too strenuous. It's making me take more photos, which I needed to do. But, compared to my pre-blogging life, when I never EVER took photos (it was Toby's "job")... this is keeping me moving along in the right direction.

So far, my photos have been very day-in-the-life... domestic moments interspersed with glimpses of my "other life" downtown, etc. I have this voice inside myself that says "make it more artsy/edgy/interesting/etc" but so far I'm simply enjoying documenting our everyday life. Time with Jacky, for example, is accelerating so scarily fast that I just have this feeling I won't mind looking back later on snapshots of ordinary life. I think there's beauty there.

And, I think I'm going to ditch the mosaic for each week and just post the photos here with a quick description. Less complicated.

Without further ado... Week 4:


01 22 11
01 22 11 :: Safety first.
When you're two, apparently, headgear and safety always have a place at the table.

01 23 11
01 23 11 :: Pizza insanity.
You will notice that I never posted a recipe for this one. Definitely not ready for prime-time.
Can I just say: red cabbage, potatoes, apples, bacon, walnuts... and so on?
Dude, not pregnant, just sometimes a little insane in the kitchen.

01 24 11
01 24 11 :: Jammies and books -- is there anything better?
The titles reflect important themes in our house these days:
"Sea Creatures" and "Everyone Poops."

01 25 11
01 25 11 :: Getting dinner on the table.
OK, so no, I didn't take this one. I was busy making a riff on our current favorite
stir-fry from Heidi. Being that it's not asparagus season (yet!),
we go with frozen green beans, and sub salmon for the tofu. So tasty and so quick.

01 26 11
01 26 11 :: Heading home
Bush Street, looking East. 5:30 pm.

01 27 11
01 27 11 :: The TRUCK BOOK!
Need I say more? He almost has the whole thing memorized.
He knows the names of trucks I've never, ever heard of. (And so it begins.)

01 28 11
01 28 11 :: We are granola powered.
At least during winter. We cannot be without granola, much less the greek yogurt to sprinkle it on.
I've been using the Smitten recipe, with some mods: oven reduced to 350˚,
extra virgin olive oil instead of veg oil, omit coconut, use super-dark maple syrup instead of honey,
and a generous pinch of Maldon as the salt. This week, our fruit is dried currants,
and I recently scored some "real" cinnamon which is pretty awesome on its own.
This is my must-have breakfast and my go-to snack.
Oh, and Deb's trick of storing your granola in the freezer is genius: totally works.

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  1. That boy is getting so big. YEs, headgear is necessary while eating.. it's in the Kid Handbook. :) I miss you and can't wait to see you. YAY! xoxo


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