06 May 2010

pizza of the week: briny bits & kale

kale & briny bits pizza

Me, I'm a pro-anchovy person. Salty, briny little fish? Yes please. I can eat them like snacks, right out of the package... but then I've been known to have a WEE thing for salt.

Plus, briny stuff like anchovies, capers and olives go great with dark greens such as my slightly newer crush, kale (cavolo nero). Happily, for this week's pizza night, we had the first two on hand, plus quite a bit of the green stuff out back. I love starting dinner by walking outside with a big bowl and kitchen shears.

Some of these pizzas are so simple that I'm going to forgo any semblance of "fancy recipe format" and just give you the info how I'd tell you in person. M'kay?


Kale & Briny Bits Pizza

basic pizza recipe + good tomato sauce + grated mozz + chopped kale (plus I think added some chard too, come to think of it. Bonus.) + chopped garlic + anchovies + capers + red pepper flakes + olive oil on the crust (I used the anchovy oil! Bonus.). Bake until pretty + garnish with grated parmesan.


Just curious: any fellow pro-anchovy peeps out there? Or is it a "more for me" situation? :)

Cavolo Nero


  1. Doubtful I am an anchovie fan. Mark Bittman inspires me to incorporate sardines into my diet, but they still sit in my pantry. Are their flavors and usage similar?

  2. Hi Elenor, Yeah, sardines! I love them too, esp the good stuff packed in olive oil. They're not as salty as anchovies, and can be combined with lemon, capers etc and put on toast. Yum. MB also inspired me to start eating more sardines (way more affordable than salmon for the omega-3s) -- his "pantry pasta" looks perfect to me.

  3. I love anchovies and sardines. I was the "weird" kid when it came to lunch. My mom would pack me sardines and crackers and I would go to town. Who wouldn't love that peel back can. I miss the keys they used to come with.

    Bittman is always inspirational. Give me a funny, grumpy man any day of the week.

    Have you made any gluten free pizza crust? Josh (my husband) gets crazy migraines so we have been laying off some of his triggers and it seems to be helping.

  4. LoA: No, I haven't tried GF yet -- sorry about the migraines, that's seriously rough. I haven't done much experimenting with tweaking/subbing flours with much of our baking. Baking is still quite mysterious to me.

  5. This looks delicious. I love kale! I like anchovies if they're mixed in to the recipe, like in tapenade. For some reason, I don't like them straight out of the package, but maybe I'll have to try this recipe and see if it gets me over my weird prejudice.

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  7. Baking is not my strong suit either. I'm on a search. I can't just try any old recipe because my baking skills are shaky at best. I want to know the recipe is good, so that I know it was just me if it turns out bad.


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