19 February 2010

that certain type of soreness

Morning Glory, "Grandpa Ott's"

The backs of my legs. Shoulders. My, um...
behind. Just what have I been up to?

Planting the vegetable garden, people! It's a great kind of soreness, the kind that comes from being productive and busy. Bending over raised planting beds, moving pots around, hoisting enormous bags of soil. Sprinkling microscopic seeds and gently smoothing them with soil.

I've had the week off work, and it's been full-steam ahead on the veg patch. I've planted an insane amount of edibles, as well as some just pretty stuff. Spring seeds are tucked into the soil outside, and Summer's bounty is already germinating indoors on simulated Summer heat (warming mat) and pseudo Summer sunshine (grow lights). We've had the fastest indoor germination ever this year (two days!!!), so I'm taking it as a good omen for the season.

So, what did I plant? Really want to know? It's an obscene list, full of standard must-haves and more than a few impulse purchases:

Early Spring, Direct Start: Peas (2 types), Spinach (2 types), Radishes, Carrots (3 colors), Fava Beans, Lettuces (red & mesclun mix), Cavolo Nero, Chard (2 types), Beets (4 colors), Sorrel, Arugula, Fennel, Mexican Sour Gherkins, Cilantro, Parsley, Red Onions, Shallots, Garlic (2 types), Scallions (red & green), Baby Leeks, Chives, Sweet Peas (3 types)

Late Spring-Summer, Indoor Start: Thai Chiles (2 colors), Cherry Tomatoes (3 colors), Pear Tomatoes (2 colors), Tomatillos (2 colors), Purple Tomato, Basil (2 colors), Sage, Thyme, Alpine Strawberries, Lavender (2 colors), Marigolds, Echinacea, Moon Flowers, Purple Morning Glories (pictured above)


To be planted this weekend outdoors (weather-permitting): Anise Hyssop, Blue Borage, Bee Balm (2 types), White Nigella (decorative only), Nigella Sativa (for edible seeds)

For planting later in the season: Nicotiana, Sunflowers (5 types), Thunbergia vine, Summer Squash (2 types), Pickling Cucumbers, Pole Beans (3 colors), Winter Squashes, Winter Greens


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  1. this excites me to no end!!!!!!!!! look at all the amazing types of food you'll get to grow, and eat!


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