03 August 2009

why going back to work doesn't suck

It's true I miss little Jacky when I head downtown 3x per week. But, my funny, creative and bacon-obsessed (even the (mostly) vegetarian one) co-workers make putting on "real job" clothes and jumping on BART a fun change of pace.

Case in point: (First, know that we are totally food-obsessed. Neighboring departments must be sick to death of hearing us blab on and on about recipes, ingredients, techniques, chocolate, bacon, etc etc.) Soooo, last week, we held the first annual BACON OFF® in my department. (Sadly, I was too busy (read: lame) to get a dish together, but I was happy to sample... I do what I can, people.)

There was solemn tasting (think original Iron Chef), some high-falutin' chef-talk, some judging and a few much-coveted awards given to these fine, bacon-y entrants:

{robin's esoteric baco-chocolate delight. have you heard of bacon sugar? you have now!}

{kevin's down-home surprise: bacon, eggos & pecan ice cream? oh yes.}

{and rebecca's take on a classic (and my personal favorite sandwich)... B to the LT. Avec signage no less.}

It's on.


  1. Oh Blake! I ADORE your blog. I am so glad we will be "hags" together.... Bacon is the best ingredient in anything. I wish I worked with your peeps. Congrats on the rekindle of the blog. A total favorite of mine. xoxo

  2. Wow! Your 3X a week job (break from mommyhood) looks may more fun than mine. I love your city!


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