03 August 2009

the weekend, pictorially


We went to the park across the street... much swinging and big-kid-watching was had...

then, during a couple of nap-times, the grown-ups set about digging some trenches (~70') for a retaining wall... isn't it amazing what can happen during a couple of baby snooze sessions?

more trench-tastic-ness...

some more roots were pulled up... (very METAL-looking, as Max would say)

all kinds of crazy, corroded stakes were pulled out of the old (maybe 60, 70, 80-year-old?) retaining wall...

and today (since it's still the weekend for me!), we went for a hike in the canyon across the street... seriously, how amazing is this? right in the middle of san francisco, and right out our front door.

oh, and don't attempt to adjust your monitor... that's sun! and blue sky! in the summer! in san francisco! I know. :D


not pictured: jacky's first trip to the landscape-supply company (aka The Rock Yard) to look at and caress pavers (OK, that was me), and lots and lots more digging in the backyard. We are sore. But that dirt pit is one step closer to becoming my awesome, amazing, productive, organic veggie patch.

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