10 August 2009

the weekend, pictorially


- Act 1 -

Squeaky clean!

Glamorous, no?

- Act 2 -
Project: Retaining Wall

A whole lotta holes were dug and posts were placed (thank you, Nels)

- Act 3 -
I love me some 'nanners!

Dude, I can feed myself!

mmm... nom nom, mmmm

Hey--I was promised an endless supply of bananas!!


Not pictured: Jacky's first dip (literally, we got maybe both feet in) into a swimming pool! All geared up with a swim diaper and new trunks, he gave it a shot, but got scared by the cold temp and the rowdy big kids splashing around and throwing splash bombs. Next time!


  1. Oh goodness, is Jacky some goodness! I just love the baby out of the bath look. Yes, he is so glamorous. I am thinking of the duo of Right Said Fred, "I'm Too Sexy for my...." I think that is the duo.... :)

  2. These pics are of epically cute proportions. Is that a hint of sunburn on the tip of his nose? It just enhances his adorableness.


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