21 November 2011

a heart of blown glass

Friends, you may remember an happily unfolding tale of adoption that I mentioned earlier? Alicia's thousands of readers have been following along, watching the happy preparations for a so, so intensely-wanted baby girl. It's been exhilarating to watch two people prepare to be parents, to actually become parents in the readying, the anticipating, the loving.

But, as Alicia says, things fell apart. Three words that sound mild, but are nothing but in meaning. I've been walking around today with a hole in my heart, now that I know how the story has changed, has ended. I've been thinking of Alicia and Andy all day and wanted to share their story... It's a sad one to be sure, but it's actually so full of love, and Alicia's writing just sears.

[edit: ooooops. late-night writing snafu: should probably include the link!]

Read Alicia's post here.

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