15 July 2010

garden update: early July

Whether it's flowering plants I put in myself, or the never-ending, ever-changing waves of volunteer/roving/unstoppable flowering vines that grace the perimeter of our yard... we are very much in flower. Despite the foggy weather...what do you know, it really looks like Summer out in the garden. I'm totally loving it. 

I really never have grown many ornamentals in my short gardening career... but I kinda get it now. Between the intoxicatingly fragrant sweet peas that grace the front arch, the ravishing roses, and the incredibly sweet, naturalized jasmine vines... my gosh, it smells REALLY good out there... come, have a look around.

garden in flower, early July

Tahitian Sunset rose
'Tahitian Sunset' rose

nigella sativa flowers
Nigella Sativa flower, surrounded by baby blossoms. Eventually, these will form beautiful horned seed pods, which you can dry and shake out aromatic seeds for cooking.

delicata squash blossoms
Summer squash blossoms -- this is one of three colors of 'flying saucer'-shaped squashes: yellow, light green and dark green.

thyme, in flower
Flowering French thyme

'north shore' sweet peas
'North Shore' sweet peas...

sniff the pretty flowers
...which appeal to all ages

'music box' sunflower
'Music Box' knee-high sunflowers

'music box' sunflower
'Music Box' knee-high sunflowers

sunflowers, a little closer to flowering
Medium-height sunflowers, getting closer to blooming. We're about to leave for vacation, and I just know they're going to open while we're away. Which is fine: I love walking outside after a trip to see what the clever plants have been up to.

snacktime now happens in the garden
Snacktime in the gah-gah. Mister man is getting really good about just eating the dark blue berries... before, he would pull just about anything off and shove it in before I could intervene. Progress.

first tomato-y bites of 2010
My own first tomato snacks of the season. Super sweet.

yellow pear tomatoes
Yellow pear tomatoes

red pear tomatoes
Red pear tomatoes

'violet jasper' coloring up
'Violet Jasper' tomato... getting a little closer to the intended shade

we're lousy with tomatoes
Some other color of pear tomato... we're (happily) quite lousy with little tomatoes

'trombetta' squash plants
In other summer plant departments: 'Trombetta' summer squash. This should climb up the arch and bear slender, long and curved lime-green squashes. Hopefully, like tiny tomatoes, we'll be lousy with summer squash before long.

3-color green bean seedlings
Also next up will be three colors of pole beans: green, yellow wax and purple. They are crazy vigorous--popped up in no time.

look, artichokes!
And, as I mentioned yesterday, artichokes popping up all over. I am over the veggie moon...

the best garden helper
...but not quite as over the moon as I am about my main man garden helper. Was there ever a sweeter little guy?


  1. oh my gosh...i'm so jealous!!! the garden looks amazing!!! and you have such a good helper :) those tomatoes look mighty tasty.

  2. Looking so good, Blake! Mine is hanging on, despite the 100+ degree temps. Can't wait for cooler temps.


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