11 April 2012

let them eat salad


It's kind of funny to remember, but when I was a kid, you could say I was a pretty picky eater. My likes: toast with butter (or, sadly, probably margarine) and salad with Italian dressing (the kind from the packet that you shake in the special carafe). Pretty much it. Most meat, I'd pick apart. Forget about most veg. Yep, if I had a basic salad drenched in lots of dressing, I was good.

I wouldn't call myself picky at all anymore, but anything green with a good dressing still tops my list. To me, the perfect snack is crudité, cut up and eaten at the kitchen counter, with some garlicky vinaigrette. Jacky also loves vinegar-y flavors (that's ma boy), so we always have a jar of homemade dressing in the fridge.

I recently had an overwhelming urge to make about a half-dozen dressings at once... the new Bon Appétit was the main culprit. My ever-present anchovy craving may have also been a factor. Some just-about-ready greens out in the garden definitely contributed.

Here's how I think I'm going to dress my salads and veg this Spring:

My Everyday Vinaigrette. Combine in a jar and shake:
--> minced/pressed garlic (1 clove) + lemon (1/2) + sherry vinegar (2 T) + S/P + tarragon (pinch dried) + dijon mustard (1 T) + olive oil (to taste; enough to emulsify)

Miso, Carrot and Sesame Dressing. (Bon Appétit April 2012) Combine in a jar and shake:
--> white miso (1/2 c) + veg oil (6 T) + shredded carrot (1/4 c) + grated peeled ginger (2 T) + rice vinegar (2 T) + toaste sesame seeds (4 t) + toaste sesame oil (2 t) + honey (2 t) + water (1/4 c)

Buttermilk Green Goddess Dressing. (Bon Appétit April 2012) Combine in a food processor and purée:
--> mayo (1/2 c) + buttermilk (1/3 c) + chopped chives (1/4 c) + chopped italian parsley (1/4 c) + chopped fresh tarragon (1 T) + lemon juice (1 T) + anchovy filets (2) + garlic clove (1) + S/P to taste

Gwynneth's Anchovy Vinaigrette. (from her book) Combine in a blender and purée:
--> olive oil packed anchovies (6) + dijon mustard (2 t) + red wine vinegar (2 T) + extra virgin olive oil (1/3 c) + freshly ground black pepper to taste

Jora's "Brown Dressing." The delicious-looking recipe with the funny name, that I know Jacky will love, being that he's a parmesan monster. (via Epicurious). Mash garlic and half the salt to a paste, then whisk in remaining ingredients until emulsified:
--> garlic (1 clove, minced) + salt (1/2 t) + balsamic vinegar (2 T) + lemon juice ( 1 t) + minced fresh basil (3 T) + finely-grated parmesan (1/4 c) + black pepper (1/4 t) + olive oil (1/2 c)

What's your favorite way to eat your greens?


  1. Our "house dressing" is especially good on slaws - olive oil, rice vinegar, fresh lime juice and a few squirts of nam pla (fish sauce) - added directly to the salad and tossed.
    I'm at a loss as to specific quantities...it's like driving a car with a stick shift - second nature now and difficult to explain!

  2. yum! these sound awesome. I love a vinegar dressing too... and anchovies!

  3. yum yum!
    crudité eaten at the counter (usually *while* i'm chopping and slicing!) is an all time fave around here, too.
    these dressings sound great!! i need to branch out. my usual go-to's are good but i could use a switch-up!

    i could eat salad all day long. i just get lazy about having - and preparing - the fixin's! but i seem to step up my game every year around this time... i'm inspired!

  4. I totally went crazy for that salad dressings page in BA too! The recipe for parsley vinaigrette in a different part of the mag is good too. And I completely forgot about "brown dressing"!! I have to make that tomorrow. Hopefully Charlie will remember it. :)

  5. Oh, I forgot about the parsley one... been craving that whole salad!


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