20 April 2012

garden friday | architectural interest

it's Day 1 of the playhouse build, and he's already starting with the 'no girls allowed' business. Sigh.

Project Playhouse, day 2


Day 3: no sun, but hints of a roof!

Assistant Jammie Man checks for level.

Day 3: finito! (minus a few details for another day)





Take one totally random, ancient, concrete, weed-filled box... clear it out... chop up some wood... zip in a few screws... et voila!... kid heaven! Jacky is now supreme overlord of the garden. Thanks to Handy Daddy.

It's an incredibly gorgeous, warm (hot?) day out today, with forecasts for more of the same. So, this brief update is about as long as I can manage in front of the computer :) Hope your weekend is lovely!


  1. This is fabulous. Well done!

  2. Josh says you are grossly underplaying the work that went in to that fort. I say I want to play Supreme Overlord of the Backyard with Jacky;) Enjoy that sun. I know I will be.

    1. So true, Josh. A sunny day turns me very lazy in the architectural reportage department. And Jacky says you are SO invited over for some Overlording -- anytime! :)

  3. I love the photo of Jacky "helping" Dad. That fort is AWESOME! I wish we had more time in the city this weekend to stop by and see you, your family and your amazing garden... I thought about it the whole time I was there... and almost made Jason drive around your area on our way out on Sunday, but we were just too tight on time.


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