11 January 2012

the trail out of napland

The upshot of having a child who no longer (or very rarely) naps is that we (obviously) have... more time. We have flexibility. Less scheduling. We simply don't watch the clock as closely during the middle of the day. It might be a first-child thing, but we've always been super disciplined when it comes to getting him down for a nap at the right time, in the right place. Good sleep is brain food, etc. Our family life has always been scheduled around, first, three daily naps, then two, then just one... then *poof*

Now, there's time for that extra play-doh session or a longer, meandering outing... or a mid-afternoon hike across the street.

Oh, there's the much earlier bedtime, too (fine with that part!). And getting to see a simply tuckered little guy ease out of the excitement of the day, and under the warm covers. He rubs his eyes, he gives a deep sigh, and he nods off to angelic sleep listening to A House is a House for Me. It's magical, that book--a hypnotic bath of warm milk. The perfect antidote to a busy boy's day.


  1. I'm not going to lie... I miss naptime. For a couple of years we managed to keep up with quiet time, but that is over as well. It does allow for flexibility though! I was reminded of this while my sister visited and we had to factor in baby's nap every day. Everything changes so quickly...

  2. seriously, i could just change the names and photos in this post and it would be my reality in a nutshell.

    like a zillion other things, this makes me wish we lived closer... how fun would it be to have mid-day adventures with our no-nappers?!


  3. i love the photos and your positive outlook on no naps! I'm just struggling to get my two boys down to nap at the same time. Over the past 2 weeks going to bed at night has become a struggle as well.... maybe finn is ready to drop his nap and that's why it's so hard at night. hmmm.

  4. These pictures are divine.

  5. so beautiful.

    crap i miss nap time. for me. plus josh is a napper. everyday 20-30min when he gets home from work. sometimes i have to work around that;)


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