05 January 2012

a musical interlude

Yesterday I attempted productivity, and Jacky and his sweet nanny headed out to one of his top spots: Stow Lake in GG Park. There are walking paths, paddle boats, ducks, friendly seniors and a rad pagoda. Sometimes there's even sun.

Jacky seems to be more and more into going there these days. It seems he's cultivating a bit of a posse at the boat shop... he has 'buddies' there now, who let him help around the shop, who don't mind if he wanders into the snack bar, who warm up his lunch (so nice!)... who apparently like being serenaded with the tunes of 1965, as performed by one born in 2008.

I give you Jacky's rendition of "The Birds and the Bees" (does this mean we're off the hook re: 'the talk'??) ...

the birds and the bees from blake kahan on Vimeo.

And the original:

Thanks Brittany for capturing the performance!


  1. oh dear!!
    this is so cute on so many levels... he's so rad!!
    (and i think i just let the genie out of the bottle letting dylan watch this next to me at my desk... i fear we won't be able to leave the room without a huge meltdown... i'm about to press play for the fifth and final time... wish me luck!)

  2. So cute. I love the finger in the mouth singing. I'm more of a hummer myself because my singing...well it's not for the public.

  3. Huge belly laugh! That's priceless. You got yourself a keeper there, sister.


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