14 September 2010

summer falls into autumn

So, it's been a weird summer. Understatement, huh? And, with our usual Indian summer, who knows if it's over? We probably have a couple more scorchers in store, book-ended by cool fog.

But, one thing's for sure: the light has changed. It feels a bit like Fall out there... the light is a little sideways, the air is a little crisper. I get incense whiffs of fireplaces outside. And, I've been eyeing my nubby sweaters and favorite tall boots. It's a little too soon for some of that (see above about Fall heatwaves), but the garden is marching forward. It's in transition. Our first harvest season has begun.


Summer artichokes, from outdoors to in:

early Sept harvest


Cucumber (and squash) patch... from sprawling vines to brine:

first pickles!


blackberry patch: snacking & freezing

freezing blackberry harvest


sunflower giants: from skyward-bound to bird snacks

sunflower harvest


and, baby Delicata squashes...


and bee balm...

summer flowers & winter squashes

make an unlikely mantel: summer flowers and winter squashes. 

I love Fall.


  1. I love Fall, too! Your mantle is so fab and I wish I could pop open one of those jars and have a pickle with you. :)

  2. Such lovely harvests! We are finally starting to cool down and each day my garden seems to be coming out of it's hibernation. Hoping that we'll get some nice fall veg. Whatever happened to your tomatillos? Mine are sprawling but leggy. Still getting yellow papery pods, but no fruit! Maybe it's too hot?!

  3. Your pictures are STUNNING. And I don't say that 'lightly.' I especially love the ones in which you've combined green and purple, my two favorite colors.


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