15 December 2009

pizza of the week

This is my current favorite, delicious and seasonal,
from the excellent Chez Panisse Vegetables: Butternut Squash Pizza.
Very simply, it's a sauceless pizza: brush a pizza crust with olive oil in which you steeped chopped garlic. Sprinkle over a small handful (each) of grated mozzarella and fontina cheese and top with a few slices of pre-roasted Butternut squash*. Bake in the oven. During which time, fry up a handful of fresh sage leaves in hot olive oil. Drain on paper towels and salt lightly. When the pizza is cooked, garnish with the sage leaves, some chopped Italian parsley and a squirt of lemon juice. Maybe also a drizzle of good extra virgin olive oil!

*So, remember this photo of Jacky & the squash?

So far, that one monster has yielded:
- healthy cupcakes for Jacky's birthday (two batches!)
- butternut squash bread (thrown in the freezer for later)
- a big batch of random roasted squash slices (frozen for later)
- TBD: I still have a big bag of uncooked slices in the fridge (any ideas?? soup anyone?)


  1. this looks delicious. i must try!

  2. That big beast is providing a lot of food. Send that pizza my way. It looks delightful!!

  3. Hi Christi and Darlene... Welcome! Thanks for the pizza love :)

  4. I have to try this pizza! And I can't believe I still don't own that cookbook. I know I would just love it. Cuuuute boy, by the way!


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