10 December 2009

a little jacky time

It's been all food here for a while, so let's take a Jacky intermission. Shall we?

These are the first few days of his second year, and this sweet little boy is lately looking like... well, a big little boy. He's taking first steps, he's using first words. Out of baby-ness is emerging a little person: a sweet, pensive and hilarious little guy.

Current faves: toast, blueberries, doggies, books and "Da-da."
(Oh, and the hammer. Viva la hammer!)


  1. The first picture kills me! Look at the sweetness!

    BTW, my dad (Jack) is 70 and still gets the occasional "Jacky" from his sisters.


  2. Aw, Rebecca, your dad is a Jacky? How did I not know this?? Apparently it's a common Scottish name/nickname... are you the daughter of a Scotsman? ;)

  3. He's a faux-Jacky. The name on his birth certificate is John but he's been called Jack/Jacky since he was a wee sprout.



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