10 November 2009

Spotted: garden stuff

People, I'm so garden crazy right now. I owe this blog a huge garden makeover update--this week sometime, I swear!--but all I can do right now is daydream about seeds, trees, veggies, climbing vines, etc. If gardening were a puppy, I would mush its face into mine and squeeze it, and hold it, and love it and... and... OK, OK.


Yesterday, Jacky and I made a between-naps outing to, where else, Flora Grubb to do some shade plant research. Shade plants aren't usually on my radar of awesomeness. But, it seems we have a shady, somewhat damp corner in the back of the yard, and it needs to be treated well. So, cappuccino in hand, I steered us over to the shady part of the nursery... but not before being totally distracted by the oh-so-not-in-the-shade latest vertical garden at FG:

I wasn't so into these felty pockets as displayed inside the store, but the plants they used outside (full sun, natch) make this whole pocket product look pretty cool to me.


  1. Hi ya' lady! I'm jealous that you got to go to Flora Grubb!!! Let's hang out soon, OK? I can come help you with garden stuff :) PLUS, I still haven't given you your bday present - which, of course, comes from the aforementioned establishment, haha!

  2. Hey K! Yes, let's get together very soon! The garden is about to get more fun soon, once the hardscaping is done... we can start planting stuff before too long... whee! :D


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